Winter Plays: Hanukkah, MLK Day & Tu B’Shevat



Engage children and their families in your classroom or holiday events with NEW original short plays. Great for intergenerational groups – can be used over Zoom or for in person services. This set of four plays includes one for each of these winter holidays: Hanukkah, MLK Day and Tu B’Shevat

Each play comes with a set induction, discussion questions and extending activity ideas.

Speaking for Justice~Rabbi Joachim Prinz (grades 7-12): This biographical play tells about the incredible Jewish hero, Rabbi Prinz and his civil rights legacy. An ideal play to read around MLK day or any time that you want to address prejudice and discrimination with your students.

Honi Plants A Tree (grades 3-6): This dramatic telling of the Talmudic character of Honi invites students to consider the importance of trees and how we can all play a role in Shomrei Adamah~guarding the earth.

Leor Who Kindled Light (grades 3-7): In this creative reimagining of the Hanukkah story, it is a child who inspires the Maccabees to light the small jar of oil that they find in the ravaged Temple.

A Hanukkah Party for Everyone! (preK-2): Animal friends are excited to eat latkes, play dreidel and sing Hanukkah songs at David Deer’s party. But when Rachel Rabbit shares that  noisy parties make her anxious, her friends find a way that she can join the celebration.


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