Passover Plays For Your Classroom + Seder



Engage children and their families in your classroom or holiday events with NEW original short plays. Great for intergenerational groups – can be used over Zoom or in person. These plays are ideal for the classroom setting or to bring the Passover story to life at your seder!

Each play comes with a set induction, discussion questions and extending activity ideas.

The Brave Women of Exodus (grades 3-7):  This dramatic play highlights the extraordinary courage of women in the Exodus story, including midwives Shifrah and Puah, Yocheved, Miriam and Bat Pharoah. 

Who Will Say The Four Questions? (grades preK-2): Animal friends are excited for the upcoming Passover seder and each friend offers to a lead a different part of the seder. But when Rachel Rabbit shares that she’s nervous to lead the Four Questions, her friends find a way that she can join the celebration.

The Seder Plate Speaks (grades 2-6): In this fun play, we get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the elements of the seder plate getting ready for the big event. The traditional symbols become curious when an orange arrives to join them. Is the orange lost–or has it come to teach something new about the Exodus story?

A Seder Play in Seven Scenes (intergenerational): Just when everyone is getting hangry around the seder play…it’s time to bring the Exodus story to life! This ten-minute play includes enough parts for everyone around your table or can be done at a smaller seder with participants playing multiple parts.

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