Feed Your Spirit Writing

A creative practice to nourish your soul

Why writing?

So many of us crave time to cultivate mindfulness and a way to listen more deeply to our inner voice.

Feed Your Spirit Writing is a nourishing process that engages you in creative writing exercises that help to cultivate joy and gratitude, make space to release grief and inspire your spiritual life. The process is designed to fit into your full life and nurture your spiritual growth.

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Feeding your hunger

You may already be a writer wanting to connect your spiritual life to what you put on the page.

Or you may be a spiritual seeker who doesn’t write yet, but is seeking a place for contemplation – a way to reflect on your hopes, insights and dreams.

I’ve experienced a longing in my soul that I describe as a hunger – the feeling that I have a story to tell.

I have learned, often the hard way, that no one will make space for me to nourish my spiritual life – I need to claim that space. To open my awareness to experience the holiness of everyday life.

A structure that works for YOU

I invite you to join Feed Your Spirit Writing in the way that works best for your life circumstances.

  • One on One coaching~email me for details at gabriellekm@gmail.com
  • Writing With The Seasons Workshops:
    • An intensive exploration on the intersection of writing + spiritual life, focused on seasonal themes
    • 4 live (on Zoom) 1 hour and 15 minute sessions with a theme connected to the seasons
    • A closing celebration (on Zoom) for participants to listen and share
    • The opportunity to publish one piece created in the workshop on my Medium blog
    • Sessions are recorded and can be replayed at your convenience

“I had tears in my eyes watching the sweet faces of participants after they would read something. I can’t find the words for their expressions but they just blew me away. Here I am a writer and I can’t find words and I have to say things like ‘I’m blown away’ which is so inadequate!”

~Amy M, workshop participant

What you’ll gain

Through joining a Feed Your Spirit circle or workshop, you can expect:

  1. Community – writing and sharing with like-minded individuals
  2. Accountability – a structure that will help you create and stick to a practice
  3. Connection – to nature, to passion, to greater awareness of what is sacred/Divine in your life
  4. Growth – each month, your writing practice will get both stronger and come more naturally. I promise.
  5. Transformation – this process is about reflection and listening. It’s liberating and has the power to transform your perspective away from your writing.

We are all busy people. I have a fulltime job, manage a chronic illness and am raising two teenagers, including a son with multiple disabilities. People ask me all of the time how I have time to write. I have authored six books, hundreds of articles and reviews and write a weekly blog about spiritual growth.

The answer is: My writing practice nourishes me. I don’t feel too busy or overburdened. I have lots of energy and feel grateful for my life, even in my hardest challenges.

Writing is a practice and through Feed Your Spirit, I’ll teach you ways that your spiritual life can grow deeper, from the simple act of putting pen to page, fingers to keyboard.

Only my deepest gratitude to Gabby and enthusiasm for what she is helping to unearth within me as a writer, thinker, and mother.” ~Julianne T, workshop participant

Why I’m teaching now

I came to this life as a storyteller. I spent most of my early childhood making up plays and puppet shows with my dolls. In third grade, I had a teacher who noticed that though I struggled with math, I could write longer, more complex stories than most children my age and she gave me extra time in class to write little books. As a teenager, writing poetry got me through most of the muck, and in college I started writing plays. Throughout my adult life I’ve written books, essays and articles about things that are important to me: theatre and the arts, the Jewish tradition, yoga and spirituality, unconditional love, rituals, parenting, disability rights.

Now in my 50th year, I’ve realized that writing is the most immediate way that I access my spiritual life and feel connected to what I think of as the Diving presence, the mystery, or what the Kabbalistic tradition calls Ein Sof, the Infinite.

As my writing practice offers me this deep connection, I am filled with a new hunger – to teach my process to others, to help you to feed your spirit, tell your stories and foster your spiritual growth.

As a fellow warrior parent, raising a son with multiple disabilities, writing has been an anchor in my journey, giving me a space to share my hopes and dreams, fears and challenges. Here is a special message for you: