Feed Your Spirit Writing

Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Why writing?

Our creative lives help us to see the world in new ways, discover deeper aspects of our potential and ignite our imaginations.

Many of us learned to write as a craft–whether in high school English class or even in our professional lives. Sometimes in that process, creativity was shut down.

Feed Your Spirit Writing is different! This practice is about expression and emotionally-connected writing. Come wherever you are and with whatever you’re holding–I’ll share creative exercises that make space to release emotions and inspire your spiritual curiosity.

‘I am learning so much and feel inspired by you and the community you have created.’

–Julie S, workshop participant

Open to everyone

You may already be a writer wanting to connect your spiritual life to what you put on the page.

Or you may be a spiritual seeker who doesn’t write yet, but craves a place to reflect on your hopes, insights and dreams amidst your busy life.

Through gentle, inclusive writing prompts, poetry, music and sharing in community, Feed Your Spirit Writing is a way to:

  • Establish a space for spiritual and expressive exploration;
  • Develop a writing practice that invites reflection and curiosity;
  • Review your writing with an eye for where to go deeper.

There is never any pressure to share your work. Some participants prefer to listen. Workshops are framed with empathy and the practice of listening to each other.

‘What an amazing class! I honestly can’t wait for the spring one.  I’m astounded how the process hits on such different paths of inner feelings and light inside where I’ve not been before.’  

–Jill S, workshop participant

‘The energy around this awesome group of people, and your gentle and steady guidance Ariella, are a wellspring of creativity and a balm to the soul. I am looking forward to sitting with all that was shared, and am so excited for the summer workshop!’

–Karen F, workshop participant

A sample workshop hosted by Blue Stoop

A structure that works for YOU

Your creative life is calling! Come play in whatever way works best in your life:

  • If you have a particular project in mind and need one-on-one coaching, I can do that! Email me for details at gabriellekm@gmail.com
  • Seasonal journals are available for you to purchase and write at your own pace 
  • Join us for Writing With The Seasons Workshops. I offer them for each season and they include:
    • An intensive exploration on the intersection of writing + spiritual life, focused on seasonal themes
    • 4 live (on Zoom) 1 hour and 15 minute sessions with a theme connected to the seasons
    • A closing celebration (on Zoom) for participants to listen and share
    • The opportunity to publish one piece created in the workshop on my Medium blog
    • Sessions are recorded and can be replayed at your convenience
  • NEW: For folks in the Greater Philadelphia area, I am offering in person, outdoor seasonal workshops that integrate nature exploration and writing. Sign up for my enews below for current offerings.

‘I had tears in my eyes watching the sweet faces of participants after they would read something. I can’t find the words for their expressions but they just blew me away. Here I am a writer and I can’t find words and I have to say things like ‘I’m blown away’ which is so inadequate!

–Amy M, workshop participant

What you’ll gain

Your spiritual and creative life can grow deeper, from the simple act of putting pen to page, fingers to keyboard.

Join our like-minded community for learning, laughter and growth!

Only my deepest gratitude to Gabby and enthusiasm for what she is helping to unearth within me as a writer, thinker, and mother.

–Julianne T, workshop participant