I am so happy that you’re here and look forward to connecting with you through my classes and workshops, books and speaking. I am an author, educator, mom and advocate with a focus on spiritual growth, connection and awareness.

I came to this life as a storyteller. I spent most of my early childhood making up plays and puppet shows with my dolls. In third grade, I had a teacher who noticed that though I struggled with math, I could write longer, more complex stories than most children my age and she gave me extra time in class to write little books. As a teenager, writing poetry got me through most of the muck, and in college I started writing plays. Throughout my adult life I’ve written books, essays and articles about things that are important to me: theatre and the arts, the Jewish tradition, yoga and spirituality, unconditional love, rituals, parenting, disability rights. My Medium blog captures life lessons, inspiration and my search for spiritual growth.

Now as I enter my 50th year, I’ve realized that writing is the most immediate way that I access my spiritual life and feel connected to what I think of as the Divine presence, the mystery, or what the Kabbalistic tradition calls Ein Sof, the Infinite.

As my writing practice offers me this deep connection, I am filled with a new hunger – to teach my process to others, to help you to feed your spirit, tell your stories and foster your spiritual growth. I hope you’ll check out Feed Your Spirit Writing to learn more.

In addition to my writing, I am fortunate to work for an amazing organization called Jewish Learning Venture. When I’m not working or writing, I love having fun with my family, walking with my Saluki Odin, cooking, practicing yoga, spending time at my synagogue and reading.

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