Gabrielle Ariella Kaplan-Mayer

Author~Educator~Spiritual Guide

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I am so happy that you’re here and look forward to connecting with you through my writing workshops, books and speaking. I’ve written books, essays and articles about things I’m passionate about: theatre and the arts, the Jewish tradition, yoga and spirituality, unconditional love, rituals, parenting, disability rights. My Medium blog captures life lessons, inspiration and my search for spiritual growth.

Writing is the most immediate way that I cultivate creativity and access my spiritual life. My writing practice has been a cornerstone of my healing through cancer and navigating other life challenges. Writing as a spiritual practice helps me to continually see the world in new ways, discover deeper aspects of my potential and ignite my imagination. 

I teach my expressive writing process to others through Feed Your Spirit Writing and welcome you to join the fun!

In addition to my writing, I am fortunate to work for an amazing organization called Jewish Learning Venture. When I’m not working or writing, I love being with my family, walking with my Saluki Odin, cooking, practicing yoga, spending time at my synagogue and reading. I am currently enrolled in Spiritual Direction Training at the Haden Institute.

To Creativity! To Life!

Gabrielle Ariella Shulameet Kaplan-Mayer

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