Gabrielle Ariella Kaplan-Mayer

Author~Spiritual Director (In training)~Creativity Coach

Hello Friend!

If you’re seeking creative inspiration or a place to explore creativity as a spiritual practice, you’ve found a home.

Through Feed Your Spirit Writing, I offer writing circles for folks who write regularly and those exploring their creativity. I offer coaching to help you make a creative spiritual practice part of your life.

Writing is the most immediate way that I cultivate creativity and access my spiritual life. Writing has been my North Star when I was healing through cancer and navigating other life challenges. Writing as a spiritual practice helps me to see the world in new ways, discover deeper aspects of my potential and ignite my imagination. 

To Creativity! To Life!

Gabrielle Ariella Shulameet Kaplan-Mayer

A little bit about me: In addition to my writing, I am passionate about my work as Director of Virtual Content and Programs for Ritualwell. When I’m not working or writing, I love being with my family, walking with my Saluki Odin, cooking, practicing yoga, spending time at my synagogue and reading. I am currently enrolled in Spiritual Direction Training at the Haden Institute.