Enliven Your Book Group Or Event

The Little Gate Crasher is the perfect way to get a great conversation started in your book group! Click here to download a book group discussion guide.

Take a journey through the “Mad Men” era, seen through the unique lens of celebrity-seeking amateur photographer and self-made millionaire Mace Bugen–who happened to be a dwarf. Quick read, amazing vintage photos and lots to discuss, including:

  • Selfie Obsession and Celebrity Culture
  • Our reactions to “Little People”
  • Disability vs. Difference
  • Ways To “Outsize Your Life” like Mace did–Let Go Of Your Limits
  • Synagogue/Jewish Books Groups Will Appreciate Analyzing Mace’s Approach to Being A “One-Man Jewish Pride Parade.”

To make your book group even more fun, schedule an author visit with me! Skype lets me come right to your living room or event space. Email me at gabriellekm@gmail.com to reserve your date.

I love speaking for conferences and events about Mace’s unique story and or more topics related to disability, autism parenting and living your best life. Email me at gabriellekm@gmail.com for more info.