18 Plays for Jewish Kids!



Engage children and their families in your classroom, camps, holiday events or services with original short plays. Great for intergenerational groups – these plays can be used over Zoom or in person. The plays are full of humor, questions to ponder and creative fun!

Each play comes with a set induction, discussion questions and extending activity ideas to create a full educational experience. When you order, you will received a PDF of the plays within 24 orders.

The 18 Plays include:

  1. Who Will Come for Shabbat Dinner? (grades preK-2)
  2. A SWEET New Year (grades preK-2)
  3. A Hanukkah Party for Everyone! (grades preK-2)
  4. Who Will Say The Four Questions? (grades preK-2)
  5. Rabbi Randy and the Rosh HaShanah Raptorsaurus (grades 3-6)
  6. The Whale’s Tale: A Yom Kippur Play (grades 3-7)
  7. The 4 Species Shake It Up (grades K-6)
  8. All Over Again: A Simchat Torah Story (grades K-6)
  9. Leor Who Kindled Light(grades 3-7)
  10. Honi Plants A Tree(grades 3-6)
  11. The Courage of Esther (grades 3-7)
  12. The Seder Plate Speaks (grades 2-6)
  13. The Brave Women of Exodus(grades 3-7)
  14. A Seder Play in Seven Scenes (intergenerational)
  15. The Daughters of Zelophehad Speak Out(grades 3-7)
  16. Orpah and Ruth: Friends and Choices(grades 3-7)
  17. Speaking for Justice~Rabbi Joachim Prinz (grades 7-12)
  18. A Heroine to Remember: Dona Gracia Nasi (grades 5-12)


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