Writing With The Seasons: Summer Wonder, Awe & Resilience



Thursdays, 7:30-8:45pm Eastern Time (on Zoom)

7/14, 7/21, 7/28 & 8/4


Through gentle, inclusive writing prompts, poetry, music and sharing in community, Writing With The Seasons: Summer Wonder And Awe is a workshop and space where we’ll explore themes of radical amazement, fascination, inner strength and creativity. We’ll make connections between the energy of summer and our internal worlds, including the natural resistance to hope and possibility that can arise in all of us, especially during turbulent times.

The middle of the summer season is an excellent time to explore what’s stirring inside you.

You do not need to consider yourself or a writer or come with experience. This workshop is for anyone interested in exploring expressive writing. Through this workshop, you’ll meet amazing people and:

  1. Establish a space for spiritual and expressive exploration;
  2. Develop a writing practice that invites reflection and curiosity;
  3. Review your writing with an eye for where to go deeper.

All sessions will be recorded for people who prefer to watch on their own time.

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