Making Philly’s Jewish Community More Inclusive!

The month of February is Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion month and the initiative that I work for in Philadelphia, Whole Community Inclusion, has just launched a new campaign to raise $10,000 during February to support our work.

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Based on national statistics, we estimate* that there are well over 7,000 children with disabilities in the Philadelphia Jewish community. While many important strides have been made to meet this tremendous need, we know that there are still thousands of families in the greater Philadelphia community who have not found support for their children’s needs in Jewish communal spaces.

Jewish Learning Venture’s Whole Community Inclusion (WCI) works tirelessly to advocate for and serve children with disabilities in the Jewish community. Your gift will be generously matched dollar for dollar by the Lasko Family Foundation. Contributions will go toward programs for families, professional development for educators and clergy, and one-on-one consultations for professionals and parents.

*This estimate is based on national statistics that show 20% of the population are individuals with disabilities. 

I am most grateful to everyone who supports our campaign!

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