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It’s been so great to hear from people all over the world who are re-connecting around #MaceMemories! I’ll share them here and at The Little Gate Crasher Fb Page.

Hi Gabrielle,

I just read your book.  Thanks for compiling it.  I grew up in Easton and my parents were friends with your grandparents.  They were Milton and Bea Bricker.  I was one of the kids who spent time with Mace.  Along with Sheldon and Steve Lerner, we played basketball at the JCC and Mace always kept score.  I’ve got lots of stories about Mace, the Grove, basketball, etc.  My parents were also very close friends with Phil and Hanna.  David was one of my friends.
Attached are 2 pictures that fit into the collection.  This was one of the trips to Philly with the JCC team and Mace around 1965-6. Mace did his typical thing to get the picture.  For Wilt, Mace took us under the basket and called out to Wilt.  He had told us that he knew Wilt from Kansas.  Of course, we didn’t believe him.  So while under the basket during warmups, Mace gave the camera to a guy near us and told him to get the picture.  Mace called out to Wilt and he actually came over to us.  He actually seemed to know Mace.  All 7’2” of Wilt kneeled down and this is the resulting picture.  Then Mace shlepped us to the locker room to find Oscar Robertson, the “Big O” of the Cincinnati Royals.  Mace knocked on the door and some guy opened it and looked down to see Mace and the team.  Mace gave him his typical bs and the guy let us in.  Mace then call out for “O”.  The picture is the result.
I’m sure you are not surprised by any of this.  There is plenty more.
So here are the pictures and feel free to contact me if you want any more info.

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  1. I have someone i just had conversation with that has stories about macey as a kid some stuff you might not know. Please reach out to me thank you

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