Kitchen Classroom Cooking NOW on Kindle!

Parents and teachers–I am SO excited that my 2010 children’s cookbook The Kitchen Classroom is now available electronically!

Over 500 color images and step by step directions for yummy, kid-friendly GFCF recipes. When the book was released, it was just pre-ipad days and came with a CD-ROM. NOW (for only $5.99!) you can get the kindle version to open on your ipad or laptap while you cook with your kid.

Check it out and let me know about your cooking adventures!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Classroom Cooking NOW on Kindle!

  1. We purchased this book “used” to use for our special needs classroom and were so excited to do this with our kids. When we received the book and CD, the CD was broken in half. Is there any way you could send us a replacement CD? The book is in good shape it was just the CD that was broken. Thank you so much.
    Donna Kennelly

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