Supporting “Whole Community Inclusion”

Dear Friends,
February is Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month (JDAIM) and I’m excited that our Whole Community Inclusion initiative has been given a matching grant of $25,000 to go towards our efforts to advocate for and serve children with disabilities in the Jewish community.
During JDAIM, we have set a goal of raising $10,000 and doing to do our first crowdfunding campaign:
If you are able to make a gift towards our campaign, I would be most grateful! 
How your donation will help: A signature initiative of Jewish Learning Venture, Whole Community Inclusion strives to ensure that every family raising Jewish children with disabilities are warmly welcomed and included in Jewish community.

Making a donation is super easy! Simply visit my campaign page and click donate. Any amount makes a difference!

Many thanks,


Kitchen Classroom Cooking NOW on Kindle!

Parents and teachers–I am SO excited that my 2010 children’s cookbook The Kitchen Classroom is now available electronically!

Over 500 color images and step by step directions for yummy, kid-friendly GFCF recipes. When the book was released, it was just pre-ipad days and came with a CD-ROM. NOW (for only $5.99!) you can get the kindle version to open on your ipad or laptap while you cook with your kid.

Check it out and let me know about your cooking adventures!

Headed to the Ruderman #Inclusion2017 Summit!

I’m excited to head up to Boston this morning to attend the Ruderman Family Foundation #Inclusion2017 Summit. I’ll have the chance to share about Jewish Learning Venture’s  B’nai Mitzvah Tutoring Training this afternoon and look forward to connecting with colleagues in the disability inclusion movement from across the globe.

If you’ll be there, shoot me a message so we can meet–and if you’re not, you’ll be able to livestream through the conference!


18 Little Gate Crasher Events in 2018!

My family has just celebrated the Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShanah, and are now at the beginning of the year 5778. Whether you celebrate Rosh HaShanah or not, fall is a time of new beginning for all of us on an academic calendar and I hope if you have school-age kids that they are settling in to a great new school year.

While it’s 5778 in Jewish time, it will soon enough be 2018 on the Western calendar. In Jewish tradition 18 is a special number whose value in letters spell out “chai” meaning “life.” To honor the coming “Chai” year, I’ve decided to hold 18 more Little Gate-Crasher book events through the year! I already have a number of events scheduled~and would love to join your community for one of the 18!

Join a great conversation at the Trail’s End Cafe!

July 26th, 7pm: Grab an iced drink and join me at the wonderful Trail’s End Cafe for a book chat about The Little Gate-Crasher.

Join us for a fun evening that will lift your spirits as we share the life lessons from Mace’s grand adventures: his unstoppable spirit that shows there’s value in every person and his courage to face whatever obstacles life sends your way.17991506_373745863023031_2436640873512878212_o


Mace’s story featured “Only A Game”

It was great fun talking to producer Karen Given about Mace’s amazing stories meeting the most famous athletes of his day! Karen really “got it” and shared about Mace’s incredible resilience and generosity. Plus–we get to hear Mace’s own voice in the story. Click here to check it out!

“The world was set up in a way that was just such a giant obstacle for him everywhere he went. And so, if he was able to use his small size as any sort of advantage, he would do it. He had no issue with that…”