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  1. Gabrielle, I grew up in Easton and was one of Macy’s boys from the T&T Club of B’nai Abraham Synagogue. Macy had dinner at my family’s house on Cattell Street every Thursday night after he picked up my dad, Jack Spigelman, from his tailor and tuxedo shop. He also drove me to B’nai Abraham every Saturday for services before my bar mitzvah and on Sunday mornings to the T&T Club, of which he was also a member. Macy was a fixture in my life from the age of 12 until I graduated from Lafayette in ’76 and moved to Maryland to go to law school. I stop at the B’nai Abraham cemetery when I “come home” to Easton for college reunions and put a stone on Macy’s grave just to say hi and let him know what is going on with me. I also have fond memories of your grandmother, who I had as a substitute teacher at Easton HS – she was a lovely woman. I look forward to reading your book.

    Charlie Spigelman

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